The College Report started publication on January 21, 1999 in the Breese
(IL) Journal. The goal was to provide coverage to local athletes, that were
covered by their hometown paper during their high school athletic careers, now
competing in college.

That remains the goal today. The athlete is covered regardless of the
govering body (National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), National
Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) or National Junior College Athletic Assocaition (NJCAA)), sex or sport.

During the last nine years, the College Report has been featured in
papers in 13 different states. Most of the papers have been in Illinois, but the
College Report has also been featured in papers in Washington, California,
Idaho, New Mexico, Texas, Missouri, Georgia, North Carolina, Connecticut, New York,
Wisconsin and Hawaii. The column has featured two writers (Dan Chamness and
Paul Lambert) and has the articles edited by Dennis Mathes and Paul Lambert.

The website was created during the first week of October 2007. We
orginally started with the Marion County College Report, but hope to get larger and
feature many athletes from many areas.